Some Tips When Purchasing a Bullbar.

Now that you have been sold, on the idea of adding a bullbar to your vehicle, you need to think about your choices when it comes to this essential piece of kit. It might be your intention to tour around Australia, or just go off road with your friends and family, but one piece of equipment that you should always have on your vehicle is a bullbar. However, there are many different kinds of bull bars to choose from, and so deciding on which one is best for your vehicle can be a difficult proposition. The purpose of the bullbar to protect the front of your vehicle from collisions with animals and other objects. It is designed to protect your engine, your radiator, or other parts of your car getting damaged.

One of the first things that you need to decide upon is the kind of material that you want your bullbar to be made from. You might think that there are only steel bullbars, but there are others to choose from. You can buy plastic and aluminium as well. Here are some tips when deciding to buy a bullbar.

  • Steel Bullbars – These are one of the more popular options and Australians have been choosing this particular metal for many years. It is very strong and is able to handle animal strikes very well. They are excellent because they require very little maintenance, and you might only have to wash them once in a while. There are also a lot easier to repair than other materials, and they are the cheaper option every time. They are a little bit heavy, and so this is why people choose other kinds of materials.
  • Plastic & aluminium bullbars – Plastic is quite a recent addition to the bullbar market, and it is lighter and weaker, but it is very easy to push out a dent if you are involved in a collision. The purpose of plastic bullbar is to protect pedestrians should you be in a collision with one. The likelihood of you killing someone with a plastic bull bar, is significantly less than with a metal one. Aluminium is proving to be a popular choice, because it weighs less than steel, but it is significantly more expensive.

Like many choices in life, it all depends on your budget, and so if you want something that is cost-effective, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, then a steel bullbar is the obvious choice.