Cal Car Cover: Best Products for Protecting Your Car

Ideal vehicle protection is about more than just picking a cover and leaving your car idle with no other protective measures. To truly keep your car in pristine condition, it’s best to develop a routine of protective care that involves multiple measures to maintain performance, finish, shine, colorfastness, and durability.

Choose the Right Car Cover

Depending on where you store your car, you may need to take a number of factors into consideration when selecting the best car covers for outdoor storage. For instance, Plushweave covers offer outstanding protection but cannot be used with soft-top cars, while Dustop covers are safe for convertibles. Making the right choice in covers can make a world of difference in how well your car is protected. For extra protection you can also look into front end car bras.

Select the Best Cleaning Accessories

Even with the best cover, your car needs to be regularly cleaned and dusted to prevent accumulation of dirt or anything else that may impact your car’s appearance or performance. Car buffers, polishers, and pads can be imperative in ensuring a proper shine without damaging your car’s finish. Special kits for washing, glass and window care, headlight care, waxing, and polishing provide the tools necessary to maintain your car with the proper care and handling.

Keep Repair Tools on Hand

Unfortunately, chips and scratches happen. With paint chip and scratch repair kits you can remove or mask the appearance of unsightly scratches and chips, often without needing to have the car re-detailed. Even if repair kits only offer a temporary solution, they allow you to keep your car in show-ready condition until it can be properly repainted and retouched by a paint technician.

There are a number of ways you can enhance your proactive routine through cleaning, maintenance, and repair so long as you have the right products on hand. Browse an extensive selection of car care products and cleaning supplies at Cal Car Cover.

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