Can You Avoid Complications in Vehicle Transfer?

The moment you take a decision of relocating yourself to another place, there will be a plethora of questionnaire in your mind.  Of course, the cumbersome formalities of getting the vehicle transferred to the State of your prospective stay would make you jittery.  Sometimes, it might be convenient to dispose of the vehicle and buy another vehicle.  In case you are opting for a used-car vehicle at the new place, there is an elongated check list.  It is true that some basic data would be retrieved through online Rego check and leave the rest of the formalities to be completed by us.  Here are certain salient parameters you should run through.

Basic info about the vehicle

The rego info would confirm the jurisdiction of the vehicle registration and some basic details.  You might be aware that the Australian rules permit that the vehicles registered should be driven only within the respective eight State/territorial limits of the registration authority.  If at all, you desire to buy a vehicle of another jurisdiction, it requires a lot of documentation.

Unique identification of your vehicle

If the vehicle was registered prior to Jan 1989, the verification could be either with the chassis, hull identification or by serial number of the vehicle.  However, for those vehicles registered from the year 1989, the Vehicle Identification Number which is a 17 digit number is mandatory.

Get the insurance for your vehicle

The statutory stipulation emphasizes that the vehicle should be covered at least under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.  Therefore, as a driver of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that the valid insurance exists as on the date, even if you are not the registered owner of the vehicle.

Other Details

Over and above the details as listed above, the info as under also need to be checked:

  • Year, Make, model of manufacture
  • Year of registration
  • Registration status—whether valid or suspended or cancelled
  • Category of vehicle—Personal or commercial
  • Any hypothecation is pending against the vehicle, If so, the details of amount outstanding.
  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Certificate
  • Full sale history of the vehicle, including the accidents of the vehicle and body shop repairs
  • Insurance details
  • Odometer details of total distance covered by the vehicle

You can obtain as much info as feasible through online Rego check and the rest of the data would be verified by us to complete the documentation including certification of veracity of the info obtained.

Our services are very professional for negligible fee and you need not have to pursue whatsoever till the registration of vehicle is done in your name.

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