Five Common Car Rental Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Are you preparing for a road trip? If your answer is yes, then why not consider a rental service for this. In case you do, then you need to know a few things prior to your booking. Whether you are getting a car hire Perth airport, Tokyo Station, or downtown LA. There are a few things that you may need to understand because people often these few rental mistakes and we can guide to avoid them in this post about Five Common Car Rental Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

5 Common Car Rental Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

The first thing to remember is not to rush through the process of finding a rental car. With that being said, you must pay attention to the inspection and read it thoroughly before you sign along the dotted lines. Do not let the slightest of stain go unnoticed and let the provider know about it, if you want to avoid paying for it later. There are a few more ways that you can put a stop on being fooled by any rental company.

  1. Paying extra. Many times we tend overpay for transactions as we do not know what we are paying for. Things like GPS or may be an extra car seat that you may not need will cost you extra. The question is why pay for it when you have a smartphone! Just ask them to remove it from the car if that costs extra. Again, paying for more insurance than you need is not a healthy option. Point is if you have auto coverage, you will be covered or you can find it by calling on your carrier.
  2. No shopping around. This is another mistake that most people make and then regret it. There are tons of companies offering car rental services, why would you not look around? Look for mileage cap, unlimited mileage and weigh all your possibilities. In most cases, a cap turns out to be a cheaper option. You will know, only if you compare and leave behind the “one and done” mentality.
  3. Renting a car at the airport. You may have noticed that everything at the airport is expensive. It’s highly recommended that you rent a car away from this place. You can give shuttles a thought but not renting a car as you may have to pay through your nose.
  4. Prepaying for gas. This could be rip off, so you better prevent this from happening. You may find it convenient to load the gas from the company, but you can fill up the tank at a nearby gas station. This way you will be paying for the right prices and also why pay for the full tank, when you may not need it. Yes, but fill it up when you return the car, if you want to evade incurring extra charges.
  5. Late return. This is a serious issue and you must not break the rules. A few companies may give you a grace period of thirty minutes. In general, providers can charge you per day and you will not like to incur those charges. So don’t surpass your window!

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