Malibu is an insanely good looking laid-back cousin of the busy version of Los Angeles. They got the beaches, food, and mountains to hike. Your ultimate road trip to Malibu will surely be awesome, admiring the ocean and rolling waves while passing the Pacific Coast Highway. There are numerous Malibu vacation rentals where you can stay during your entire vacation. Indulge yourself in elegance and total relaxation after the long day of experiencing the most in Malibu.

Things are beyond extraordinary at Malibu from your nature excursions to horseback riding and surfing to going on a wine safari, they got it all for you! Here’s the list of must-visit places in Malibu!

Visit the Amazing Beaches: Malibu is really known for its pristine beaches. There are months when whales migrate in the area. It is very evident from December to January and April until May especially when you visit early in the morning, most likely you’ll see the gray whale or even dolphin pods and seals. Being able to see and experience these things will really give you a memorable and fun-filled Malibu experience.

Here are some beaches on our lists: El Matador State Beach is the perfect destination for those who would like to explore the caves and rock formations. Prepare yourself because there’s a need to walk down a 150-bluff. Don’t worry there are stairs! If you’re looking for a more laidback experience, Zuma Beach is a local favorite. If you’re looking for a private beach, there’s Paradise Cove. It is one of the most famous beaches in Malibu.

The Grotto Trail: The Grotto Trail is an estimated easy three-mile (round trip) hike that leads to a grotto and waterfall. If you want a hike without using much effort and energy but still offers an excellent experience at the end, Grotto Trail is perfect for you.

Mishe Mokwa Trail: The Mishe Mokwa Trail leads to Sandstone Peak. It is the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains and a favorite among hikers. Get a fantastic view of a 6-mile trail but I bet you that view will always be memorable. It’s definitely worth the hike. There are few attractions along the trail which include the Split Rock, Balancing Rock, and Inspiration Point.  Here, there’s a summit register where you can sign your name or even write an inspirational quote.

Escondido Falls: The Escondido Falls is the tallest falls in Santa Monica Mountains. This trail is famous for the 150-foot fall. It is one of the must-see places in Malibu even during the drought season.

Solstice Canyon: It is believed to be the oldest existing stone building the Malibu, a picturesque trail featuring a year-round waterfall and Instagram-worthy views are waiting for your camera phones!

Malibu Creek State Park: If you are traveling with your family Malibu Creek State Park should be part of your bucket list. It features 15 miles of trails and a few swimming holes that would be appreciated by everyone.

Go Horseback Riding: There are other ways where you can explore and discover numerous things about Malibu. Why not ride a horse while going to the Zuma Canyon? It will take an hour which also offers stunning views of the ocean. To take full advantage of the scenery, it is preferable to go visit here during a clear and sunny day.

Go on a Wine Safari: Malibu Wine Safari is a 1,000-acre vineyard which offers beautiful vineyards, mountain scenery, and even exotic animals. It is also home to alpacas, zebras, giraffes, and even bison. Tasting of locally-sourced vino and even carrots, pellets and bananas are part of this tour.

Go Scuba Diving: There is numerous beginner’s course for scuba diving that is being offered by Malibu Divers. The duration of the lessons may vary depending on the experience that you selected. Scuba diving is highly recommended here as per most of the travel bloggers who’ve been here.

Visit the Adamson House: This house is a national historic site that is located near Surfrider Beach built in 1929. It may be small but it features beautifully crafted details in every room. During the tour, there is the so-called docent which eagerly shares the history of the home and the family. Taking of photos inside the area is not allowed.

Malibu Family Wines: Malibu Family Wines accommodates various activities including Yoga & Mimosas, Sips & Giggles comedy night and Movie Night from July to October. A picnic is an option too, but do not forget your cheese platter and even blankets!

Upscale Dining Options

Nobu: Nobu serves up fusion cuisine, Japan, and Peru to be exact. Their signature dishes are black cod with miso and yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño. Don’t forget to try the Malibu specific items like ribeye with truffle butter and crispy Maui onions, it’s genuinely sumptuous plus a great ocean view.

Geoffrey’s: If you want to experience the ultimate upscale Malibu dining experience, Geoffrey’s is perfect! It is located on the side of the ocean and is famous for their delicious brunch. Be sure to order the baked brie in puff pastry. It’s a must try in Geoffrey’s.

Casual Dining Options

Malibu Seafood: There is numerous eatery that can be found along the Pacific Coast Highway. It is indeed a fresh food that literally comes from across the street. You can never go wrong with the seafood dishes that are being served here plus it offers stunning ocean views. Don’t forget to try fish and chips.

Neptune’s Net: This eatery is established in 1956 known for serving fresh seafood. Get the basket to share and even the clam chowder because it’s definitely good far beyond what you’re thinking.

Malibu Farm (Cafe & Restaurant): It serves on organic and fresh products. It is known for their grille chocolate cake. It is located right on the pier. It is one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

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