Things to know before renting a car in Dubai

You could not rent luxury car Dubai without knowing the necessary rules and factors. In this article, let us look at some of these things in brief.

Not allowed outside 

You could not just take the rented car and go out of the UAE. There are strict restrictions that will not allow you to do so. If you break this restriction and take the vehicle out, you might have to enjoy a jail sentence according to the rules. So, you would have to be sure that you are roaming around within the boundaries of the United Arab Emirates with the car you took from the rental house. However, there will be some exceptions to this rule that will let you take the car out of the UAE. But you would have to get the necessary permits and complete all the legal procedures to do so. It is advisable to rent a car in Dubai only for local travels and not for international drives.

Know the insurance policy

If you rent a car and damage it somewhere, you would have to pay for the damage to the rental company. To avoid this, you have to check whether the insurance policy for the car has a mention of theft and damage cover. Only a few car rentals offer these insurance policies that will cover the damages and loss that happened after the renter takes over the vehicle. So, it is better to check for the proper condition of the car, both exterior and interior looks along with functioning. If there are any damages, it is better to avoid renting it. There are some cases where you can buy a policy that covers these issues by paying a small fee at the time of renting. So, you have to be sure about the content of the insurance policy before renting a car in Dubai.

Have the license

Not only in the UAE but also all countries, it is necessary to have a driving license whenever you drive a car. It is punishable in UAE if you are found to be driving a car without having the necessary permits and licenses. Let us assume that you are a foreign tourist driving a car after renting it. You would have to have and carry the Internal driver’s license with you. If you are a native person or a person working in UAE with a work permit, a domestic driver’s license will do. But it is not advisable to rent a car without a driver’s license.

Pay the security deposit.

No one will be ready to let you take a luxury car from their company and run away to your homeland. So, each car rental company would ask you to deposit an amount for security before you grab the keys. Hence, you should have this money with you before you rent a car in Dubai. However, you can get this money back without losses once you return the car safely to the company.

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