Book Honeymoon early to enjoy cheap flights

The wedding is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you have the best of everything. This includes your honeymoon destination, travel plans, hotel accommodation and all related factors. The question now arises as to when should one start preparing for the honeymoon. It is best if you start searching for the best honeymoon packages at least one year in advance.

Does it sound a bit too eager? There are advantages of booking your honeymoon packages early. One of the greatest advantages of doing so is that you save a lot of money. This can be way of cheap flight tickets or cheap hotel accommodation. There are other advantages as well, but we shall restrict our discussion to flight tickets and hotel accommodation alone.

Let us list out some valid reasons why you should book your honeymoon plans early.

  • Flight tickets: Most airlines start their booking about 9 to 12 months in advance. Naturally, you can expect the flight rates to be the lowest at these times. When you plan to go on a honeymoon, you would like to have the best possible destinations in mind. You would also wish to have the cheapest travel plans that include cheap flight tickets and inexpensive accommodation.

It can be possible that there might be only one flight to your destination. Hence, booking tickets early can avoid last minute disappointments. You need not have to change your plans at the last hour. It would almost be like beginning your new life as a married couple on a wrong note. This can have a psychological effect on the relationship.

  • Accommodation: Your wish is to have the best honeymoon in the world. Hence, you dream of beginning your married life on an excellent and positive note. The honeymoon is the right place to make that beginning. You need to book your hotel accommodation in advance or else you might not get that penthouse suite you are dreaming off. Someone else might beat you to it. This can sour relationships.

Usually, you have the top hotels having just a couple of the penthouse suites. Hence, the chances of filling up are always higher. Hence, it makes sense to book your accommodation early.

  • Honeymoon packages: The travel agencies have special honeymoon packages wherein they arrange for sightseeing, accommodation, flight tickets, and food as well. In case you are able to book your honeymoon packages early, you could end up getting a lot of discounts. There are also options where you can book a package and pay a minimum deposit. Many tour and travel operators have such facilities for the early birds wherein they can exercise the option of paying the balance amounts around six weeks prior to the actual trip.
  • Early booking discounts: There are many hotels and resorts that allow you to book your rooms in advance by paying a small token amount as deposit. They have attractive discounts as well. These discounts are only available if you book early. Delaying your hotel booking can fetch you these deals thereby saving a lot of money in the bargain.
  • Great destination experiences: There are many excursions that are usually in great demand. In case you wish to take your beloved on an exciting underwater tour, you might have to book early. There are usually limited tourists in such private tours. In case you delay your travel plans, you might not be able to fulfil your dream of providing the best experience to her.

These destination experiences are not very common. Hence, you might face disappointment in case you see that you lose the chance because of your lethargy.

  • Bag some great offers: Some of the airlines offer business class seats at cheap prices in case you book well in advance. In case you are travelling in such a sector where the chances of the flight tickets filling up quickly are more, it makes sense to book well in advance. You might land up with cheap flight tickets in the business class category as well. You will find that many people end up paying that what you have done to secure an economy class seat at the last minute.

We shall look at some other advantages of booking honeymoon packages early.

  • Planning a wedding is a tough job. You have to look into many details. This is why you have the services of a wedding planner. They know the right things to do at the right time. If you delay your activities, you might just find your wedding planner being contacted by others. Booking them early can help you save a lot.
  • Some travel agencies booking a honeymoon package within a month of their quote receive complimentary send-off packages. They can be attractive with a lot of gifts and fanfare.
  • It is also a great idea to book early and have fun. You can brag to your friends that you have planned everything meticulously. One should always love having fun with our friends in this manner.
  • In case your dream destination happens to be an underwater adventure or a paragliding experience, you need to undergo some training prior to plunging into the activity headlong. Booking early gives you ample time to practise and perfect the art. This can also remove the apprehensions and fear such activities can bring. No one would like to begin their fresh innings as a married couple on a fearful note.
  • Planning early for your honeymoon packages can help you determine your budget properly. You can do proper allocation of the budgets. This is also an important part of your wedding. It can also help you avoid last minute rushes. It leaves you with a lot more time and freedom to concentrate on other important aspects of the wedding.

Final thoughts:

You have just seen a lot of benefits of booking your honeymoon packages early. Of course, cheap flight tickets are one valid reason. In addition, you end up saving a lot on accommodation, sightseeing, and various other activities. Book early and avoid disappointment at a later stage.

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