What Type of Car Should I Choose for my Marriage?

The car that will first transfer the bride to the temple and, then, both new spouses to the party, is a very important element of the wedding. From the aesthetic, it is part of the triumphant arrival of the bride, so it must be stunning and beautiful for photos. It is the scene of moments of high emotional content, where the nerves and expectations of the bride and her godfather will travel and, later, the joy of the first moments of the newlyweds. The bride goes up to that single car and re-enters him married.

The choice of vehicle is not a minor decision. Therefore, we bring you a guide to know what details to consider when booking the honeymoon car.

A Trusted Agency

Ask for references before renting the car. If someone hired the same company you are considering, ask them, was the car the same one they were promised? Was it well decorated? Did they travel comfortably? Did not they have setbacks with the service? And most important: were they punctual? Make sure you go for trusted agencies like Olympic Limousine Service Toronto.

The Style of the Wedding 

Take care that the car is in harmony with the celebration. A classic party complements well with vintage cars, limousines or elegant cars. A modern event matches a sporty or current, high-end model. A country wedding can be complemented with a carriage

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Prioritize Comfort

Mainly, the comfort of the bride, who will have to take care of her dress and her aesthetics. The car should be wide inside, easily accessible. Of all the options, the most comfortable will be a limousine. In addition, it has to have good air conditioning, mainly in summer, when the air conditioning should not be absent.


White, blue or gray are the most classic options for wedding cars. Beware of black, avoid it if the car is long and straight lines, as it will have funereal reminiscences.

Consider the Weather

A convertible car or a carriage can be beautiful options, very romantic, but what happens if it rains? What if it’s too hot? The choice of this type of transport will depend on the time of year they get married.

With all these factors in mind and, of course, the taste of the couple (and why not, of the godfather, who will also travel in that car), they will be able to choose the ideal vehicle for the type of wedding they dreamed of, the one that transport to your happiness.

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